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Home Security

Your home doesn't have to be like an old fortress to be secure.

The new security systems of today are far more advanced than the homes of old, and provide a intrusion redundancy that keeps your home - safe and secure, now matter where you are.

We feature Alarm.com and other top security vendors. You can access streaming video from your home security cameras on your Smartphone. You can see who is at the front door from any TV in the home, or even see your business' loading dock from your tablet while on the back patio! You can receive a text when your children first arrive home, or if your furnace has stopped working from a power outage. These alerts give you command of the home and confidence that your home is safe and secure.

Preview streaming video from security cameras right on your touch screen display or mobile device. Control camera positions with ease from a handheld, and even remotely from your iPad®, iPhone® or Android™ device. It's a connected world, and a security systems keep you in control and your home and family safe.


New technologies has delivered cameras at affordable prices with features that home surveillance systems have become a useful household option. Surveillance offers many practical reasons for the home owner by providing views of your home, grounds and your business - all from your Smartphone.

  • See who is at the front door or gate from any tablet or Smartphone
  • Access surveillance video from your home on your Smartphone
  • Check on the kids, whether you’re downstairs or downtown
  • Know that your children are safe while you are away on business
  • Check on the pets to see how they are doing
  • View your business' loading dock from your back patio